Volunteer To Go First

Everyone is required to do presentations during some point in their school career. And it is always a prime source of stress and anticipation. And a major grade is at stake. Here are some tips to minimize your stress.

Most of the children are thinking are you out of your mind? Think about it. There is no standard yet. You will be judged with more leniency as the teachers have no idea of the quality to expect. You will have your grade on a silver platter while the rest of the class is left to sweat it out. And they now can hate you as they have to live up to your standard. And, if there is a really terrific presentation after yours, it will not affect your grade. It is a win situation folks.

But I’m Nervous

We all are. The earlier you go; the less time you have in which to become more nervous. Practice in front of a mirror. Practice with your group members if it is a collective effort. Those jitters are normal.
Don’t take a paper and read it. That is why you practiced. Take a set of 5 x 7 cards with one liners on them to keep you on track.

Be Creative

Volunteer To Go FirstHere is what I did in a college presentation one time. It was about assessing an area for a possible store to come into that neighborhood. I asked for a volunteer and took the teacher by the hand and thanked him for volunteering. I said our area we were assessing for a grocery store had houses with an average of 2.3 kids. So I gave the teacher an apron and three dolls, one without a head to represent the 2.3 kids. Everyone laughed and the tension in the room was gone. I was going first to break the ice for my teammates. This one act of humor relieved their anxiety.


Bribery Will Get You Everywhere

We also had a game with that presentation. Audience participation scores big with instructors and your grade. Since we were in college, I used bribery in the form of gift certificates to Mickey D’s next door to the campus. Any answer attempt received a gift certificate “prize”. Audience participation just increased one thousand percent. For your prizes, use something cheap that your particular student body population will prize.


Group Mix

If you are doing a group presentation, obtain people with different backgrounds. In my example, we had a marketing, accounting, economic and art major, resulting in a perfect blend for any project. Different majors think and approach problems differently. Marketing majors are worth their weight in gold and usually assemble the program in the correct order with the right information.


Whatever your presentation is on, nail it. The more quickly you become adept at presenting before an audience, the more quickly you will be able to master needed public relations skills. And you will be ahead of the rest of society.