How to Stay Interested in a Boring Class


Even though everyone around you is asleep and the professor is just reading off the board, you still need to trudge through the course in order to graduate. By taking eye-catching notes, forming study groups and finding topics involved with the class that interests you, you may be on your way to a better grade.


Eye-Catching Notes


While your notes should always be clear and concise, they should also have a bit of a sense of humor in order to keep you interested. By putting funny pictures and jokes in your notes like, “If it isn’t Gneiss, it’s Schist,” you can recapture your attention and plug through the rest of your study session before the big test. Something I often do is draw what is in my notes. While I was taking a class on dinosaurs, I would often draw a specific dinosaur, label what was important which made it easier to study in the end.

How to Stay Interested in a Boring Class


Study Groups


You can also make a study group. They are great for reviewing important points, lessons and a good excuse for “Stirfridays.” They can also easily become unfocused. While it is ok to discuss personal lives or something funny that happened in class, you should always try to stay on track until you’ve all decided the study session is over. If you stay focused until everyone in the group understands the subject, you can reward yourselves by playing a game or making something yummy for dinner.


Searching for Interesting Topics


Finding a specific topic within the subject can also interest you. While I was in philosophy, the teacher seemed to drone on and on about the same three Greek philosophers and didn’t branch out much more. I decided to take read some of Rousseau’s work while in the class. When it came time to finish the last paper for the class I compared the views of all the philosophers and got a good grade on the paper. By taking an interest in Rousseau I was able to stay interested in the course and write a better paper.
If you’re still dragging your feet in the class, bring some coffee. It’ll keep you awake and it will also give you something to do other than doodle all over your notes or fall asleep. I know there have been times that just having a hot chocolate or decaf tea has helped me stay awake and focused during lectures. Hopefully these ideas will help you take an interest in a general education class and help you GPA along the way.